My name is Melissa and I love food. The only problem is that I don’t always have the time or the expertise to make the delicious food that I want to eat. So I started following food blogs and buying the latest trendy cookbooks to figure out what real “foodies” think that fast/easy/nutritious/delicious/etc. food looks like. Let me tell you, there are so many different blogs and ideas of what is right and wrong and healthy or not, it was overwhelming to try and find my POV and what I actually wanted to cook!

Thats when I remembered my favorite quote from the legendary COOK herself…


And thats when I realized that this was my POV. I don’t want to be a chef. I just like making delicious, accessible food. Food that I can come home to from a long day and know it’s going to taste amazing without my having to slave over the stove for hours to create an art piece. Food that can be as simple and straightforward or as elegant and fussy as I want, depending on my mood. Food that I can be proud to feed my friends and know that it is good for us and nurturing our souls as well as our bodies.

Thats where The Average Jane’s Cookbook idea came from. A place for me to write down the success (and possible failures) of my endeavors in the kitchen. Because lets face it, Im an average girl who loves food. And all I want is to share the easiest way to make the tastiest food possible.

– Melissa ❤